The RC2 is approaching quickly.

Here is what has been fixed since the RC1:

Fix default GBA games metadata
Fix old core names in recalbox.conf (automatically renamed)
Add Ximo controller to pre-configured pads/joyticks
Fix missing
Fix reicast on XU4/X86
Fix virtual gamepad
Fix device handling to quit demo mode
Fix Kodi not starting with some gamepad
Fix retroarch core options not saved
Fix AROS bios with CD32
Fix Oricutron conflicts between 2nd player joystick and keyboard
Fix Dragonrise on Amiga (partially, you still need to HK+B and reset the emulator)
Fix descending sorts in gamelists
Improve randomness in demo mode
Here is what WILL NOT be fixed until the final release:

AdvanceMame configuration not saved (need some code rework and appropriate tests)
The internal scraper is not reliable (need some heavy code rework)
You can still reports bugs not listed here, we'll do our best to fix them before the finale