Hello, first of all Recalbox is one of the finest thing out there.Thx for all the good work.
Is there some new informations about x86 x64_84 installation/startup issues. I used to have 18.7.13 which was great.
But I never got any update for dragonblaze, which from what I found out on this forum doesn t work. You need to install a fresh copy.
So I made a backup, at least stuff is secured. Used Balenea to install the dragonbalze on my Ssd. Installation stars at least screens shows booting recalbox. After a while the ES interface appears shows which music is playing then goes back to the black screen with booting recalbox. I waited at least 30 min but nothing happend.I am able to acces web interface from the recalbox, from there I restart ES the interface shows up a then dissapears after 5 sec again. This is the issue with x86. On the 64 version interface seems to work a bit better but when I try to pair a bluetooth controller, it also crahes the interface and I m again on the booting recalbox screen. From the webinterface I can also restart Es interface but pairing seems not to work well.
I decided to install the beta version from santa claus and febuary from the forum. The issues is exactly the same.
Cloud it be that the 6 builds version have some hardware compatibility issues?

My config is the following.
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Intel Gma4500
Ssd 500G Adata Spx900.

Is there a way to download the 18.7.13 x86 again ?

Best regards.