Get started to write my own game? (I am a programmer)

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    I am new to the recalbox world and I actually come from raspbian.
    I know what raspberry pi could do generally. And the recalbox project seems very powerful on playing existing roms. However I would like to write my own game. Probably a simple mario-like game or RPG.

    how to get started? any directions would be good. I still have no idea after looking the FAQ and google search.

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    @mfkenson Hello I would advise to try with pico-8 which is pretty straightforward, although the documentation is sometimes unclear.
    It is not free, it costs somewhere around 15€

    Even if you end working with another game motor, pico-8 is simple and very good to learn the base of 2D game programming

    @acris and I even worked on a unofficial integration into recalbox which you can find in my signature

    others candidates : game maker, unity, but you won't be able to use them on the pi

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    @mfkenson out of the box you could check the lua framework (lutro emulator) wich is already part of recalbox.
    EasyRPG has a libretro port as far as I know, so you could think of integrating it into recalbox if programming for it is an option.

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    yep @paradadf is right, lua is good too, and pico-8 uses a subset of lua

  • thank you guys. @paradadf @voljega
    lua is good to me. Seems pico-8 is a good start!
    I found your code repo in github. will definitely try that!

  • I am impressed the tiny pico-8 could do all tasks including game development.
    However it seems that it is not efficient to do the development in that window, is it?

    Meanwhile I am reading the .
    ( seems good.)

    What is your recommended way to program?

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    @mfkenson I didn't programm that much with it but the included editor inside pico8 is maybe simple but usefull too.

    I see you found the awesome github, everything should be in it, I remember someone writing something allowing the editing of the cart's code through notepad++

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