Moving to larger SD?

  • I have used Win32 Disk Imager to successfully clone my Recalbox SD cards. I now want to move to a larger card. If I use the Win32 Disk Imager with my 32GB image and write it to a 64GB SD card, will it expand the space automatically? Thanks!

  • @xtreemsurf no it won't

  • @substring

    I was afraid that was the case. Do you know if it's possible to back up saves and/or favorites?


  • @xtreemsurf of crouse you can ! Just plug your pi to the network, go to \\recalbox\share and save the saves. Favourites are a little more complicated because it must be done with ES shutdowned.

    Anyway, we recommender using USB sticks instead of big SDs

  • @substring

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • @substring "Anyway, we recommender using USB sticks instead of big SDs"


  • Banned

    @ren-tokyo because storing your rom on usb stick or hdd makes it easier for a lot of reasons :

    • you can directly copy your rom on the stick by connecting it on your pc
    • thus you can also scrape easily on your PC with UXML
    • it's easier to save your whole setup
    • you won't have to worry that much in case of trouble (hard reset or shutdown which tends to break the filesystem)
    • even if your file system is broken, you can try to fix it on your pc and most of the time restore it, that's not possible with the sd, at least on windows
    • you can also have several usb key and tell you recalbox to use the one it finds one boot, this allow you to separate your systems like you want (but you will have to do your configuration once with each key connected)
    • if you have several pi with the same hardware and the same version of recalbox installed, you can use your key on each of them

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