PC Engine CD 4.1 Stable problems

  • good morning everyone

    Since the new update I try to run the games Pc Engine CD but impossible to launch anything.

    I tried a lot of techniques that can be found on the forum, especially the plug "to read" regarding the emulator pc engine cd but nothing does , I just have a return to the recalbox menu

    I can not launch Akumajou dracula X while on the 4.1 unstable, I did not have this problem

    would you have a solution? because I really do not know what to try.

    Thank you

  • @zeveronn you need :

    • the pce cd bios (i don't remember the name)
    • a cue+bin cd image
    • the cue must exactly refer to the .bin, it is case sensitive.

    Usually i rename the .cue and .bin + edit the .cue to point to the right .bin

  • @substring thanks ! It was the bios, now it works

    I also change the .cue and .bin

  • @zeveronn change it to resolved then :)

  • I'm having similar issues @Zeveronn but I have the bios right an the cue bin image too. Only Castlevana is working. I will try a new bios as said.

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