Crash Glupen64 core, fresh install

  • Hi :), so I write this because of an issue I'm getting with the glupen 64 core, I confirmed this core makes the mario party games work with no graphical issues, the problem is that the whole emulator crashes randomly when playing, from mere seconds to a couple of minutes... does anybody have the same issue?

    Is there anything I can do to help get this fixed? I believe it's not the core itself, because when it lasts longer everything works just fine, but it's crashing randomly, on other games as well, I don't mind the lower resolution it seems to use, but I'd love to finally play mario party 2 here...

    the rom I use is a Mario Party 2 (E) (!) with libretro ---> Glupen64, any other info I'd be happy to give (as long as I'm told how to get it)

  • @alanna-lópez hye

    Can you give all the required informations regarding your config please ? board, inputs blablabla ...

  • @substring sure thing

    I use a raspberry Pi3 B with no modifications and an 8gb micro SD card.
    recalbox 4.1 with a fresh installation, Originally I updated from 4.0.2 but I blamed a bad upgrade to those crashes, so I installed again the whole thing.
    I used an 8bitdo nes30pro controller and a wired xbox 360 controller.
    I also followed the instructions in the github to have the games booting from USB.
    Under the retroarch menu I tested the 4 video drivers, it crashed with all of them.

    do you need anything else?

  • @alanna-lópez I can't trust yet the core, nor do i have time for now to test by myself here
    @rockaddicted can you sched some light here ?

  • You find a fix for the crash?

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    please dont up old topic.

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