Installation don't work : Kernel Panic

  • Hi guys,

    I've just received my RPI 3 and have installed on my Micro SD Card (Toshiba 32Go, Class 10, UHS 3) Recalbox 4.1, with Etcher. After that, I've put my SD Card in RPI and an error occured : kernel panic not syncing no working init found.

    Here is a screenshot of my SD Card in Windows. The D: partition is boot partition, but what is the H: partition ?
    0_1507986570987_capture disque.PNG

    Thank you for your help guys.

  • @hexasky Hi
    Either the image you downloaded is corrupted, either your SD is defective

  • @substring Hi and thank you for your answer,

    I've just bought my micro SD (first use) so I hope it's not that. Micro Sd and system corrupted are the only two possible issues ?

  • Moderator

    we recommend Scandisk cards

  • @hexasky redownload your .img file, or install from noobs

    i've had quite many reports of corrupted SD since yesterday

  • @substring It's ok now. As you said, I've redownload the .img file and install it with Etcher and it works.
    I think the problem is that when the installation with Etcher is done, Windows ask the user to format SD Card because he can't recognize the new file system. If the user don't take care, he can reformat the SD card.

    Thank you for your help ! :)

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