Recalbox 7.0

Arduino Leonardo Controller run as a "joystick"

  • Hello,

    I am new and have only recently dealt with the Raspberrypi.
    I am very enthusiastic about the RecalboxOS package!
    Quickly installed and pretty much all the packages you need are there.

    Let's get to my problem.
    I would like to emolate the Arduino Leonardo Controller to run as a "joystick" like the "Arcade" machines.
    Has anyone there experiences with it?

    Would be great if he shared it with me!

    Thank you and have a nice day.


  • CRT Maniac

    I did it. It works well with an Arduino (ATmega32u4, not an ATmega328 / 168).
    You can also use a Teensy.

    There are many sites to learn how to do this.
    I used this lib :
    and an Arduino Pro Micro ATmega32U4 5V /16MHz (clone).

    My goal is to use RGB leds inside buttons and illuminating this buttons with any colors i want.
    Buttons will light just before an emulator is launched.
    If this emulator use only 4 buttons, only 4 buttons will be illuminating like neogeo colors buttons.
    It works but no time to finish it.
    I used addressable RGB led
    (WS2812 and/or APA106).


  • @ironic said in Arduino Leonardo Controller run as a "joystick":

    My goal is to use RGB leds inside buttons and illuminating this buttons with any colors i want

    rgbcommander ?

  • CRT Maniac

    No need rgbcommander.
    'All' is done by Arduino :

    • Joystick 'emulation' (no lag input, can emulate severals joysticks).
    • Keyboard 'emulation' (To add some key like 'Esc', 'F1'.... on joystick panel).
    • RGB leds driving. (24 bits Addressable LEDs are inside buttons and one in transparent joystick ball)

    There is a serial connection between Arduino and Rpi (USB cable).
    Arduino tell to Rpi, there is a joystick and a keyboard connected.
    Rpi send (python script before launchin emulator) serial commands to Arduino for selecting LEDs colors.

    All is working but i need a 3d printer to perfectly integrate my RGB LEDs in buttons...

    Can use a ESP8266 for wireless joystick.

  • @ironic

    THX a lot for your Info!

    I will try that out in the next days and I will let you know.

    Have a good one!


  • The illuminated Buttons are great!
    If my Project is ready, I will try that as well out!

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