Scummvm file?

  • Hi

    how do I create a Scummvm file in recalbox as following the read me file but its not clear, I know the file name but not sure what type of file I have to create


  • @kaz69

    i think it is really clear ;)

    You have your scummvm game, for example Maniac Mansion
    Your Folder has also the name Maniac Mansionfor example.
    Go into the folder and create "yourself" a shortname.scummvm file (how on dosbox with the "dosbox.bat" file, but here a simple text file renamed to xxx.scummvm).
    Short name? What is it?
    (the link to the shortnames is also in the readme).

    We see: Ah, Maniac Mansionhas the short name maniac
    Great, you will now have to create a file called maniac.scummvm
    You are ready to play ;) .....after reboot!

    You can also look into this thread:

    Here are all short names inside.

  • @abunille

    Thanks, i see now when I have to create a file I need to do it in a text file. A new lesson learnt.

    Thanks Abunille

  • @kaz69

    You're welcome,

    Next lesson for today ;)
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