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  • So I'm playing through Pokémon Fire Red and I turned on autosave/load because I'm using a keyboard and can't locate the hot key button. Auto was working great until just now, when after a day of non stop play, I leave the game for 5 seconds and go back in, only to be loaded back to where I was this morning! I'm losing my freaking mind over this! Where do I go from here? It refuses to save any further and it's not a storage issue. My SD card for the RPi has 24GB left and I'm running just this game off of an 8GB thumbdrive with 7GB of storage space left. So how do I fix the issue? Thanks!

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    @mcgimp So no Hello/presentation before posting and asking help ?
    no informations about your rpi and recalbox version, your emulator and core used ?
    no support archive posted ?

    All these points are mentioned in Before Posting post.

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    @mcgimp recalbox doesn't support keyboard as main controller, so your problem might come from that, grab a true one before wrecking your save file definitely

  • @rockaddicted sorry Sñr. Mod. Forgot the rules in my distress of a whole day lost. I'm new to open source and programming. I'm running RPi 3 B and recalbox latest (which I think is 4.0.2 if I'm not mistaken). Running Pokémon fire red .gba (latest updated version as of July). Using 2016 Microsoft keyboard to save money on the English international (it fit the keys the best). Hope that's enough to go off of. I didn't see any posts in the thread about this issue happening to others, so I posted. Tnx.

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