Problem identifying Recalbox partition

  • Hi!

    I'm having trouble identifying the Recalbox partition so it'll boot directly into Recalbox instead of booting NOOBS first.
    I just want to get rid of the "press shift for Recovery" screen with the raspberry logo.
    I created the autoboot.txt file in my SD in Windows and wrote "boot_partition=6" in it as adviced in forums, but it had no effect.
    So, which is the partition I'm looking for?
    I tried every single one of them, from the logical ones to the extended ones, from 0 to 8, with no effect.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Here's a screenshot of my SD and partitions just in case.
    Thanks a lot in advance!


  • @defiant is that a noobs option ? In which file have you added the boot_partition ?

  • @substring in autoboot.txt, I read that should do the trick. But it didn't.

  • @defiant you dropped it on the very first partition ? Any official documentation on that feature ?

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