Sselph Scraper Help.

  • i need some help with this, now I've tried Scraper on the recalbox it's self but it kept saying it can't find any systems, so i went to Sselph Scraper but when i tried to run the fastscraper.bat it says UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory, and when i run the scraper.exe it says It appears that isn't up. If you are sure it is use -skip_check to bypass this error. but i can't type anything. i would use the Universal_XML Scraper but allot of the box art doesn't show for the roms. can you help me get the Sselph Scraper to work?

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    @realazyria fastscraper should be able to mount the share partition of your recalbox on Windows, so that UNC paths are not a problem.
    Mounting means assigning a letter to your network share.

    Describe me what steps are you doing until you become that error.

    FYI you can run fastscraper from your PI too. Either put the batch on share/roms and double click it from Windows, or put the shell script on the same location chmod +x it and execute it.

  • @paradadf well i tried to follow your steps i downloaded both files and placed them in \recalbox\share\roms then i clicked on fastscraper.bat and then i ran into the problem.

    did i have to mount first to get it to work? if so how do i do it? i don't know were to put the commands in.

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    @realazyria you don't need to mount anything, that's automatically done by the script.
    I'm still waiting for the steps you did before getting the error.
    Also, what Windows version do you have?

  • @paradadf i'm using windows 10. steps i took
    1: put fastscraper.bat and scraper.exe into \recalbox\share\roms
    2: ran fastscraper.bat it says UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory then closes. sometimes closes right away.

    i only did 2 steps, if i'm missing steps. then i'd love to know. i have the gameslist and everything in the folders of the systems

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    @realazyria don't download scraper.exe, that will be automatically done by the script.
    Just downlod fastscraper.bat to your Windows machine and double click it. You need to type cd so a folder browser opens and you can select your recalbox over the network.

  • @paradadf thats the first thing i did. but it still says '\recalbox\share\roms'
    CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory.
    UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory. then closes. it closes very quickly.

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    Problem with fastscraper solved downloading the script properly.

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