Recalbox v4.0.2 on Pi 3 PC Engine CD games not working now.

  • I upgraded to the Pi 3 and now my PC E CD games won't work. I transferred all of the bios files and checked the .bin and .cue to make sure they were lower case. Everything was fine until I switched to the Pi 3. I checked all of my other emulators and they are fine, so I don't know what to do now.

  • @necrobot20xx habe you simply copied files from one SD to another or had all as an external storage ?

  • @substring I actually just figured out the problem and came back to update. All of my files are on an external device. I checked every other system and things worked fine. The problem was with the syscard3 bios, I just downloaded a new one and it fixed it. I don't know why the other one quit working when it was fine before.

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