OpenBOR or something similar on Recalbox?

  • Can OpenBOR or OpenBOR paks/mods be played on Recalbox?

    If not, are there any homebrew level engines, like Game Maker, RPG Maker, etc that can work with Recalbox?

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    @marchegiano hi
    Not yet, that's something we definitely want to add (even if rpg maker is also a libretro core)

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    but don't expect to see this in recalbox before a pretty "long" time

  • Thanks buds.

    Do y'all have guidelines or any sort of rules for game devs?

    I was inspired by the OS to make a game sort of about the OS. My idea was a bit of Evoland, Comix Zone, and the 90s cartoon ReBoot set in Recalbox OS. The player has been sucked into the OS and has to battle through the various emulator/console inspired stages sort of thing.

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    @marchegiano depends if you're a coder or game developper ...

  • @substring

    Sorry bud, I'm a little confused. I'm a hobbyist, so neither seem right, but both might be too. The engines I know how to use require some code and some photoshopping so whatever that makes me I am.

    Rather than trying to figure out what you're getting at or what difference it makes I think it might be more productive if I say this. I'm making this game because I want to for my Recalbox. Whenever y'all support an engine I can use I will have my game ready. I will share it if it's allowed.

    Sorry if that came off as a bit rude. I didn't mean to be I'm just trying not to ramble.

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    @marchegiano Nothing rude at all, I just do not understand why we should have game dev rules ... If that's a project you're working on and WANT to play it on recalbox, better give a try to the lutro core which is based on löve2D as lutro is already in Recalbox.

    Does that sound more of an appropriate answer to you ?

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