Recalbox 7.0

Eduke32 and Recalbox

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    Just simple question, if there are plans to integrate this emulator in future versions of Recalbox.
    I have just windows95 running under Recalbox. 🙂

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    @dragu is it running well ?

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    For Windows95, it's running for the moment, but I am not yet at the end. The setup from Dosbox out is tricky, you need the original files, normal. After up to 3 virtual disks. 1x 622c.img (dos) as floppy, after, 1x lets name it w95.img as hda to install 95er CD files, and later bootable image (256mb). And 1x data.img as hdb for the game (1GB).
    Thats the situation for the moment. I want to try if I arrive to make work "Duke Nukem Manhattan Project" the 3D platform game that needs minimum windows 95. We will see. 🙂

  • Hummm yes why not, but not in a near future.
    We have to implement the standalone game/engines's management first. if 1 game = 1 system in ES that will be a pain to maintain and we don't want to includes by default all these standalone games.
    So we'll have to use a homemade "addons manager".

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