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Keeps seeing my remote as new, stuck asking to configure repeatedly

  • I have a T3 style remote/keyboard for Kodi, like this:
    The USB receiver for it is always plugged in whether I'm playing games in recalbox or using Kodi.

    Recalbox keeps detecting it as a new controller and asking me to configure it, and even after I configure it the detection prompt just keeps reappearing over and over. I have somehow been able to resolve this at least once in the past, actually I think twice, I cannot recall how, and I had it configured so that I could press a couple buttons to get back into Kodi. But then eventually after awhile (several weeks, many power cycles) it detects it as new again and I get stuck in this asking to configure "loop".

    So I'm curious, what makes it seem to be a new device? Is it possible some kind of device ID is changing, or maybe my recalbox configuration is occasionally "forgetting" it for some reason? Anyone have any ideas to solve this problem?

  • @slakka you mean your remote is seen as a joypad ?
    What makes it ask over and over again is that the inputs configuration file doesn't properly store your configuration. Have you ever forced the reboot of your recalbox ? THis could have switched some partitions to read-only

  • @substring It's seen as a controller I guess, I mean it asks me to configure it and when I do it says "keyboard" as the name of the controller.

    I am not sure about forcing a reboot but perhaps, I'll check that. But that would only explain the "loop" situation, not why it forgot the remote's previous configuration to begin with. I guess I should plug my controllers back in and see if they have also been forgotten, though I don't have them at hand right now.


  • @substring Update, I don't see a read only issue and I also plugged a different controller (I can't be certain I haven't config'd this one before) I happen to have and went through the configuration process and it didn't get stuck in a "loop" the way it does when I try to configure the remote. I also plugged in a controller I know for sure I had previously configured and it did not ask me to configure it again.

    EDIT: I am able to break out of the "loop" by hitting the controller's hotkey on a my previously configured controller. I'm wondering about the fact that my remote is detected as a controller called "keyboard". Maybe because the controller has both a remote buttons side and a keyboard side, recalbox is confused and detects it as a controller, yet does not store the result of configuration because it also believes the device is a keyboard? I will add that when I go through the configuration process whether I flip the remote over to the keyboard or remote side, the resulting issues are the same.

  • @slakka i'd be very interested in your support archive. Can you upload one ?

  • Hi, I had the same problem with kodi in librelec and I find this solution for the remote not is coming to be detected as joystick in the link

    I only had to do this:

    cd /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/
    curl -o /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks.rules \
    curl -o /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks-rm.rules \

    I know it not is valid for recalbox, but may be exist a similar option in Recalbox.


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