Installing 16GB image on 64GB MicroSD Card

  • Hello,

    I'm coming from using Lakka to using Recalbox for the first time.

    I'd like to start with installing a 16GB image on a 64GB MicroSD card then add more game/systems later.

    But I've read that you need to expand the file system to make use of the extra space.

    My question do I do that?
    and is this the best way to go about it?

    BTW, i don't have Linux, just Windows 7.

    I forgot to mention, how do I achieve 240p via composite cable with Recalbox?

  • Is this in the correct section?

    Either way, I'm 99% sure if you stick your memory card into your PC, boot up Aeseus Partition Master (cough cough nudge nudge widely available on certain websites), you can expand any partition into the unused space on any device.
    I use that software all the time on portable HDs, usb sticks and microSD cards, admittedly never doing what you require but the options are there.....

  • @sylvester said in Installing 16GB image on 64GB MicroSD Card:

    I'd like to start with installing a 16GB image on a 64GB MicroSD card then add more game/systems later.

    So you are not using an official recalbox image ?
    We don't support this kind of custom setup.

  • Banned

    If you have a free USB, better to use it for an additional stick or a SSD Drive. HD drive would need own power supply. But like this, you can stay your personal files in share directory separated from the system. Very useful if you tryout new system version.
    I save my SSD drive files from time to time over Filezilla and WLAN on the nearby PC. And also upload game files this way to the arcade machine.
    With some bigger games, you will very quick reach the 64 GB limit.

  • Okay thanks guys,

    I briefly read the "read me" sticky,

    sorry about my question, forget I mentioned it.

    I am trying to find out how to achieve 240p via composite in recalbox though.
    If someone could answer that, that would be great!

  • @sylvester achieving a quick'n'easy'n'dirty 240p is easy

    Doing it "the pro" way is something we're slowly working on. There a 30+ pages thread about rgb on recalbox. But it's not yet over

  • @substring

    that sounds like a nightmare

    I'll settle for the quick/easy/dirty method for now

    do u need to update the RPI, and just
    Add to config.txt: sdtv_mode=16 for NTSC or sdtv_mode=18 for PAL ?

    I have a zune cable that i'll be hooking up to a crt tv

  • @sylvester using the internal jack fir composite is the easiest way (but looks ugly). Check the wiki on how to set it up

  • @substring

    If I use the jack on the RPi itself, isn't it 480i by default?

    The wiki says nothing about changing it to 240p.

  • @sylvester because this depends on the pi firmware. I don't think 4.0 has the right firmware to set it to 240p, but 4.0.1 has it

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