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Retropie Save States not Recognized by Recalbox?

  • Hey there,

    I recently transitioned from Retropie to Recalbox, and I like it a lot more. I have a lot of Retropie saved states for different games, and I thought it'd be easy to access them in Recalbox because both programs use .state files... but when I try to load an old save state in Recalbox, I get an error that says ""Failed to load state from /recalbox..." I know the system is reading from and saving to the correct folder, because when I save state in Recalbox I can see the new file alongside the old ones. And those new ones load no problem! I do notice that the Recalbox .save files are larger - 23KB for a Castlevania 3 save, while the Retropie .save files were 7KB.

    Is this a known issue? Are there work-arounds? Anything I can do?

    Thanks so much!

  • Maybe the problem is The emulator you are trying to Load saves from remember that recalbox Have different emulators for one system (Example nes os snes) i dont know what emulator you used in retropie but if you choose the same in recalbox it may work

    To do so go to options (Start Button) and then advanced options there go tu Advanced emulator configuration ando chose the system there you can se where says emulator you can chosse what emulator do youu want to us with that system just select the one you used in retropie and it may work

    All emulators use the same extension but you cannot load the ones from 1 emulator to another despite all ahve the same extension

    If you dont know what emulator you used in retropie just try all th options in recalbox and one should work

    Its Just an idea i hope it works


  • Hello, savestates are not an official system available on emulated systems, but a retroarch feature. And many factors can break this.
    Indeed, a bump version of retroarch or of each core can break the retro-compatibility of savestates.
    The only secure way to save games is using the normal process in game (if available) and use .srm files.

    But you can check the default emulators available on recalbox and retropie, compare them and align them.
    For example, if by default, to emulate GBA we (recalbox) are using mgba core and retropie, gpsp core, the savestates won't work. You'll have to switch the default core on recalbox.

    If with this alignment don't solve this issue, the problem come from different versions of core and/or retroarch used on the 2 OS.

    Keep in mind that even on a same OS (retropie, recalbox, lakkatv, etc...) this feature may been broke, even if your are using the same OS, just after a bump version.

  • Ah, excellent, thank you - switching the default emulators worked great... for every system except for GBA! When I switch to anything other than mgba, none of the ROMs work - I open one, it exits right back out to the menu. So I can't use gpsp, to access the saved states from retropie. Is this a known issue in Recalbox? Any settings I could/should change to help? Thanks so much for your help so far!

  • Check your bios files.

  • @rockaddicted

    Keep in mind that even on a same OS (retropie, recalbox, lakkatv, etc...) this feature may been broke, even if your are using the same OS, just after a bump version.

    Are you telling us that if we invest 40+ hours in a RPG game for example, when we update Recalbox the save game might not work anymore ? Pretty dangerous, I did not have taught about that possibility ... Good to know !!! I will finish my game of Final Fantasy I before updating Recalbox 😃 Did I understand correctly ?

    Did I also understand correctly that .SRM file extention might prevent this from hapening ? Even after a bump version ? Or is it just more robust if we change system, from Retropie to Recalbox for example ?

    Thanks !


  • @patriccote savestates are retroarch/core dependent, so if the feature/mechanism evolve upstream (as the last month once they worked on netplay feature), so we can't garantes 100% compatibility in time.

    But .srm file, uses the legit save system so, there is less risks and we recommends to use this in parallel of savestates.
    Savestates are only done to be used in "the moment", before a boss, hard challenge etc... and not to saves your game.

  • @rockaddicted

    Thanks for the response ! Can you explain how to use the .srm instead of the .state ? The quick savestate and loadstate are done with the .state extension and the big SAVE ON EXIT in .srm ? If not, where can we change .state --> .srm in the Recalbox config ?

    Since I never saw in Recalbox a .srm, I'm not sure where to look / how it works =(

    Thanks again !


  • .srm -> save game using save points / save system included in games.

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