Dreamcast (reicast) tryout on PI3

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    I was given it a try, even when this emulator is already borderline on a Raspberry.
    And I dont know what version is build in the march 4.1 unstable. So, I install "Sonic Adventure"and "Sonic Adventure 2". The games are working and the speed is pretty good for the Pi3. Just videos a little bit shaky, but if the possibility exist to reduce resolution, even the videos will look good.
    I dont know what version of reicast is used in Recalbox from march, it seems to me that it was planned a 32bit version of reicast, that should be quicker than the 64bit version ?
    On the bad side, no sound. But this could be related to my Hifiberry DAC Card, it seems that in Retropie such problems also exist. Other thing, I find no working Hotkeys and so also not Hotkey+B for the retroarch menu. Is there at all an integration or the same relation as with Dosbox ?
    I can survive without Dreamcast, just wanted to feedback my experience.

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    Reicast is not a retroarch core for the moment, so hotkey is not working 😉
    And I have no problem with sound from HDMI so it might be related to your Hifiberry yes !

  • I think the reicast version is more than a year old.

    You can change the resolution by editibg recalbox.conf if your monitor supports low resolutions

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    In Retropie they use a script "reicast.sh" to start reicast emulator and in this script you can choose the emulator, and best resolve sound problems with DAC. As anyway it is not in Retroarch for the moment, perhaps some script like this one should make sense also in Recalbox ?
    They resolved the Hifiberry case inside this script.

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    I apologize for the DAC sound problem, it was on my side.

    On this SD Card (I have a few) the file /etc/asound.conf was not existing. The Hifiberry DAC was working for all games without, but with reicast it is needed.
    And now I have also sound on Dreamcast.
    I will give the 4.1 version from april again a try to see if it was the same error.

  • @dragu the 4.1 stable will have an improvedaudio device selection (depsite the one now works, but not amways good)

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