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  • I have an Xbox one controller that i have been using with recalbox along with a logitech usb controller. Everything has been fine. I recently bought a new xbox one controller. However whenever i plug the new one in, recalbox doesn't seem to locate the controller. If i have both plugged in it wont locate either one, but if i have just the old one plugged in it works just fine. New controller works just fine on my pc. Any thoughts?

  • @Jfrai hi

    Mentionning your recalbox vetsion would be very helpful as a start

  • @Substring 4.0.1 i believe

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    xbox one only usb in recalbox 4.0.1/4.0.2
    you need to upgrade or fresh install recalbox 4.1 unstable.

  • Even on 4.1 Xbox one gamepads only works on USB.
    But Microsoft modifies the gamepad's firmware each time he products a new gamepad generation... Even on the same console...
    So new Xbox one gamepads aren't supported (even on USB) on 4.0.x recalbox version.
    On 4.1 I bumped the driver, so your gamepads (new and old) should be supported on 4.1 (if Microsoft didn't release a new gamepad with a new firmware version...)

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