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(Resolved) Running Roms from Thumb Drive Issues

  • Hey guys, I followed the tutorial "Auto mount of usb in place of share partition" and I am having some issues. I made the proper changes in /etc/fstab and commented out: #/dev/mmcblk0p7 on /recalbox/share type vfat and added /dev/sda1 /recalbox/share vfat defaults,rw 0 0 After a reboot, emulationstation cannot find my systems.  So I verify /dev/sda1 is mounted as /recalbox/share by using df -h and it is. I reboot again and it works.  I power off and on, there gone.  It is not consistent. The only thing that is always consistent is when using mount or df -h, I see the thumb drive mounted where it should be. I was forced to move all my roms back to sd card until i can resolve this issue. Has anyone see this?  Keep in mind it always shows mounted but hit or miss with emulationstation seeing the drive. As for more troubleshooting, I bought a 32gb thumb drive with the same issues. My final test was to edit the es_system.cfg and point psx to /media/usb0 for the rom location.  Sometimes psx is in the menu and sometimes not but drive is still mounted.  I am out of ideas.   Any help?   Thanks   Luis Screenshots Screenshot

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    Hello, you should edit the /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation in oder to add a 'sleep 4' before launching the script. That will wait a little bit and hopefully your usb drive is mounted when emulationstation starts 🙂

  • This is the contents of S31emulationstation.  Can I put 'sleep 4' at the top and also remove the quotes?  Thanks for the fast reply.   #!/bin/sh # # log=/root/recalbox.log essetting=/recalbox/scripts/ case "$1" in start) settings_lang="$essetting get Lang" echo "logtime : starting emulationstation with lang = $settings_lang" >> $log command="HOME=/root LANG="${settings_lang}.UTF-8" SDL_VIDEO_GL_DRIVER=/usr/lib/ SDL_NOMOUSE=1 /usr/bin/emulationstation" echo "logtime : Starting emulationstation with command : " >> $log echo "$command" >> $log eval $command >> $log & ;; stop) killall emulationstation ;; restart|reload) "$0" stop "$0" start ;; *) echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart}" exit 1 esac exit $?

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    Juste add the sleep above the settings_lang= "$essetting get Lang"

  • Thank you!!!  What amazing support!!!   Works everytime now.  I extremely appreciate your time and effort. This has been resolved. Thank you Luis

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