Xbox Controllers doesn't work in Rpi3

  • Does anybody could help me in this case?

    I realized that nobody has this kind of problem. It's not my case. My Xbox controller doesn't work in Rpi3. I use in USB with cable.

    Could you help me, please!? tks from Brazil!!

  • My Recalbox version is 4.0.2, the lastest.

    I read that just to plug the xbox controller and it's ready to use. In my case, is not possible, and doesn't work. I tried to change the configuration in Path: /recalbox/share/system/recalbox.conf. Take a look:

    Please enable only one of these
    ------------ D2 - XBOX Controllers ------------
    Xbox controllers are already supported, but xboxdrv can solve some compatibility issues
    Enable xboxdrv driver, disable this if you enabled ps3 controllers (0,1)
    Set the amount of controllers to use with xboxdrv (0..4)

    I changed in Controllers settings for my pad. But, it doesn't work. I don't know more what I can do. Tks again.

    By the way, I use the controller with cable, in USB. It's original

  • Humm more precision about your gamepad.
    What kind of Xbox is it ? Xbox ? Xbox360 ? Xbox One ? USB native or wireless gamepad ?

  • Hi rockaddicted,

    Xbox 360 wireless gamepad, but, I'm trying to use with USB.

  • You can't, microsoft don't allow users to use their wireless gamepads on USB.
    If you plug it on USB, that will only reload your battery and won't sent data to the rpi/pc.
    You need to use a wireless dongle (orignal or chinese clone) specific to these gamepads, because microsoft don't use a standard bluetooth protocol but a closed RF protocol.

  • @rockaddicted Ok,

    I'll try again. Tks a lot! I thought it works on USB, because I use another controller, PS4 on USB, and it works normally.

    Tks again,

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    microsoft wireless need a specific dongle.

    You can't, microsoft don't allow users to use their wireless gamepads on USB.

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