Recalbox 7.0

Pi3 slow wifi connection

  • Hi everyone,

    I am so confused right now!

    Rasberry Pi 3 with Recalbox 4.0.2, attached to a CRT with a Chinch cable, WiFi connected

    The Pi is loosing it's connection randomly and becomes slower and slower after a reboot.

    When it started:
    At first everything worked really nice for the last days.
    Then, I started to move some more roms on the SD card via wireless network and it was struggling to copy data (so I had to retry, then it continued copying).
    And don't know if this was before, or after, but somehow the scraper is also incredibly slow. It needs like a minute to confirm a title.

    When I deactivate the connection, it's smooth. As soon I try to move some bigger files like PSX games, it looses its connection.

    The monitoring in the browser doesn't show any weird things, everything is normal there.

    Any ideas, everyone?

  • @Pietze Ethernet connection works btw.

  • @Global-Moderators This thread can be closed, since it probably had to do with my Wifi setup. Can't say if this was a software bug.

  • Global moderator


    For slow issue in Wifi, the pi3 wifi chipset isn't realy good... If you are not close to your box, wifi isn't good :/.

    For scraping. Wifi + write capability of pi 3 isn't realy good... Best solution is to scrap your rom on your pc. More fast for full set. You can use universal xml for exemple ;).

    And for your game, use external stockage like usb key. It's more powerfull and easier for pull inside game :). And when you want install the system, separted the game to the system is realy the best solution. 🙂 You keep your games, scrapping, save state, gamepad mapping on the usb key. And only the system on the micro sd. And it's cheaper to buy a 8gb micro sd + 128gb usb key fit, than only 128gb micro sd. You win time and money. It's win win config ^^.

    Hope that help you :s.

  • @reivaax This was super helpful!!! Thank you 🙂

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