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Using Recalbox Web Manager 2.0 from outside home network?

  • Hi guys,

    First of all this is my first topic here (been reading since a year go...) so a big thanks to everybody that makes this possible and greetings to all the community.

    I just discovered yesterday the embedded Web Manager and it's awesome... I especially love the possibility of editing the metadata of your games and I would like to know whether it would be possible to do this remotely. I presume I would need to setup port forwarding rules in my router? I got my external IP and Recalbox internal IP. Which port(s) should I let pass? Is this even possible? Thanks!

  • @kikeminchas hi
    This has nothing to do with the manager itself, but your router. You'd just need to forward a give port (don't use 80, but rather some fancy port like 12345) to your recalbox IP on port 80. In other words : your router receives some traffic on port 12345 from internet, it then forwards it to recalbox:80. No need to ask for the way back, the router hadnles it. All this is called NAT (Network Address Translation).

    The other way around is going through VPN, but that's much more complex

  • @substring Thanks! It's working fine. I'm not able to forward a external port in my router though (it's one of those you get form your internet provider). I can only forward the port 80 from my local IP (the one of Recalbox) to the external IP (no port choice there). This results in me being able to reach the manager using:


    What I have just realized though is that the manager is open so anybody with the IP could access all my Recalbox setup 🙂 I should have realized about this immediately 🙂 It would be nice to make the access to the manager password protected 😉


  • @kikeminchas that's why i said : don't use the port 80, because botnets will scan it

  • @Substring indeed, problem is that I don't have an option in my router settings to forward an external port. I can only forward the internal (80). It would be better in any case to be able to password protect the access (even with forwarding a random external port, it remains fully open)... I understand though this completely unimportant since there is probably not a lot of users interested in accessing the manager outside their network (I can say though it's a pretty neat option 🙂 )

  • Add in my TODO list:

    Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  • @DjLeChuck Great! Thanks to you for the nice manager!

  • @kikeminchas yeah he did an awesome job 🙂

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