Impact of manufacturing country of Raspberry Pi in Recalbox

  • Hi, this is my first post, I have realized a few hours ago some troubles with my RecalBox, the problemas was: If in overclock extreme it doesn't load the system (deleting overclock settings in boot.txt solved, in overclock turbo ok), the network doesn't connect at all, even if restarting 5 times and reconfiguring every time, and at last and most important, lots of lags in N64 games - even with cooler to cool the raspberry and overclock turbo -.
    The point is: It was running the same image that had ran fine in other raspberry pi, so i started to search for problemas, after some hours of deleting/rewriting/changing systems and raspberrys it appears that the raspberry pi 3 boards made in china has all of the problems mentioned above, while the one made in UK (the only two I have now, don't know if is others) runs everything just fine: Overclock extreme, network conects OK, N64 running OK, played 007 goldeneye, had any of the members experienced something like before?
    Tested with recalbox 4.0.1 stable and 4.1 unstable, overclock and network problems in both (overclock in 4.0.1 manualy edited, 4.1 by start menu).

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