Dual boot with Raspbian and Recalbox - Blank screen on boot

  • I just installed Raspbian and Recalbox on a freshly formatted SD card with NOOBS. I have connected the Pi to my monitor with a HDMI-DVI cable, and Raspbian boots normally, but when I try to boot Recalbox, I only get a blank screen, and music starts playing. By "blank" I mean that my monitor is black and says "Cannot Display This Video Mode".

    Has anyone encountered this issue before? Is there a simple way to fix this?

  • @Zakru That's because our DVI handling is a little tricky ;) Check the wiki on how to connect a DVI screen.

  • @Substring Thanks for your reply! I'm just about to go on a trip, though, so I'll have to try this out when I get back in four days. I'll be telling the news then.

  • @Substring Thanks for the help, now it's working fine :)

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