Pi3 recalbox limits

  • I was just wondering what is the most up to date system (computer/hand held/console) that it is possible to emulate smoothly with the current pi hardware? When I say smoothly I mean as it runs on the original hardware. And what is the next level of hardware required to break the next barrier of emulation? Also are any of the niche systems getting emulated in the future, or is that a not enough demand answer against how long it takes to code and integrate - BBC micro? Apple II? Atari Jaguar? CDi? 3DO?

  • @mayhem2017 emulating ? On a LCD ? The renderng on a lcd has nothing to do like on a CRT. Plus their are very FEW emulators that do perfectly emulate their original system.

    As a a side note, bsnes (the most accurate snes emulator) hardly even run smoothly on a PS3 ...

    You'd rather focus on your gaming and pleasure experience ...

  • @Substring you misunderstand me. I know the only true emulator is the original system. What I meant was how far have you been able to exploit the pi3 hardware? What generation of system do you think runs at a smooth frame rate equal to the original system? Don't get me wrong as I enjoy playing stuff from the 8bit era mostly. It was a general question only just wondered what you guys were planning for the future. Oh I do have a mini crt but I assumed it would not work with the pi.

  • @mayhem2017 we don't write emulators, we just put them together in an OS. So far everything till 16bits works flawlessly. N64 and PSX require more firepower, PSP and dreamcast are even worse.

    Regarding arcade, so far most games run at full speed. A few ones are tricky though

  • @Substring 16 bits is the best era. Dreamcast? That was a shoddy old bit of tech anyway...funnily enough even on my 8 core pc I still cannot get Mame to run everything at speed. Too many variables I guess

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