Problems with dragonrise PS2 controller board (p2)

  • Hj, i just built my home Arcade, for 2 players...
    I'm having annoying troubles with recalbox when the Second controller is connected. It's a dragonrise generic ps3 USB controller board that im using for both players.
    When i use only player 1 the mapping Works ok, i can map in retroarch and when im back to recalbox menu my mapped controller still works Like It should.
    If i connect the Second controller, i map It but everytime i enter retroarch or come back to recalbox menu i have to map It again and again...
    If i turn It off i have to remap everytime again too.
    Is there any way to solve It? It's very annoying and i tried everything inside system to solve It (i dont understand nothing of Linux)
    Please, help me solve it

  • @BTr Hi
    Do you have a link to that pad ?

  • @Substring i dont have It now... This is his board that im using:

    alt text

    Now i cant enter in retroarch configuration to map the controllers, even using a keyboard. F1 does not work to open retroarch menu anymore.
    Any tips?

    I found this there anything i could use here?

  • @BTr so far your problmes look like :

    • you reconfigured your pads in retroarch, but have you used the core remap function rather than the pad remap function ?
    • have you saved your retroarch config file ?

    You do not need to edit anything inside retroarch, it's all preconfigured. Why have you changed the pad mapping inside RA ?

  • @Substring because controls are mapped differently that i map inside recalbox, It Hurts messed up, when the 2 controllers are plugged.
    If i plug only 1 controller It works like It should.
    So when i map the controllers over retroarch, when i save config and load this config after, i lose the core, It have no core loaded, so i have to exit retroarch and maps on recalbox are lost also. It's very strange indeed.
    In short, when i have only 1 controller plugged i got my mappings saved in recalbox and retroarch ok...

    Oh, i used the core remap indeed, because some buttons in my controllers was opening retroarch hotkeys, so i mapped tem default (using Space on keyboard)

  • @BTr i still hardly understand anything ... And i think you do not understand how recalbox works.

    Remember the buttons are named according to the snes layout. If you dn't respect it, of course it can't work properly.
    Second, core remaps just remap libretro buttons, not your pad itself
    3rd : why the heck use a keyboard ???
    If you follow these rules, consoles work perfect. Arcadr is a different different story

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