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  • Hello, i'm using recalbox on a Pi3(model b) on a 1080p Sony TV.

    First, a friend told me he read somewhere i should be running the games at 720p (CEA 4 HDMI) instead of 1080p (CEA 5 HDMI) any reason for this? Do the games look better at lower resolutions?

    In the RetroArch menu on Settings > Video > Refresh Rate i have it at 60.000hz, so every game i play runs at 60 according to the framerate displayer. Should i be changing this for each game i play? Like if a PSX game runs at 30 fps on original hardware, should i change the refresh rate to 30?

    I bought my PI3 with recalbox already installed, it came with everything but arcade games. Are those mame romsets the only way to get 0.78 roms? My college internet is very limited and they are huge, so i was wondering if i can find individual roms. I was only able to find one game that worked on normal rom sites, Cadillac and Dinosaurs. Every other game doesn't work.

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    Regarding your first question. The only thing I recommend is to set the preferred mode of your TV. You can find a good description here:

    If you have problems with the german, let me know and I will translate it 🙂

    Regarding your third question: Where did you buy the Raspberry Pi with recalbox preinstalled???
    recalbox is FREE and not for sale (forbidden), so you do not have to pay for it.
    Of course you can download the ROMs separate, but then you need the right games (from the correct ROM set) AND you will need all the correct BIOS files as well..otherwise they won't work

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