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[RETROPIE THEME - PORT POSIBILITY] Cardboard Mini NES + Nes mini and Famicom mini themes

  • Great news!!

  • @ruckage any news?

    thanks :)

  • Hi @ruckage , Could you tell the status of your theme? I'm waiting so excited for a months. Thanks for you effort ;)

  • Apologies for the delay, I've had a lot going on this past month so haven't had much time, I will get the theme ported very soon though.

  • @ruckage said in [RETROPIE THEME - PORT POSIBILITY] Cardboard Mini NES + Nes mini and Famicom mini themes:

    Apologies for the delay, I've had a lot going on this past month so haven't had much time, I will get the theme ported very soon though.

    No problem, Thanks at all! ;)

  • @ruckage thanks a lot for this, hope the porting is going as planned. Do you happen to have some ETA for when it's done? Can't wait to try it out.

  • any news about the theme with recalbox new version? =)

  • @jrochagouveia one rule is to never ask any ETA for people who invest their free time ! If @ruckage has some update to provide, he'd have said it already :)

  • Thanks for the support @Substring , and you're correct I'll post as soon as I have anything ready.
    That being said I honestly don't mind people asking how things are going as long as I'm not being nagged every 5 minutes :) .

    I've been very sidetracked recently for various reasons - most recently because grid view has just been added to retropie which is very exciting news and I want to add support for it to my themes. I think I've kept you all waiting too long already though so I will get to work on the recalbox ports starting today.

    So in answer to you question @jrochagouveia no news yet but there will be soon :)

    Out of interest which theme are you all most interested in? The nes mini theme or the snes mini theme?

  • Very good news @ruckage ! you're the best !
    I follow your works since the beginning of your nes theme for retropie and it's amazing !
    Your upcoming "grid update" of your snes theme will be great and original compared to other themes !

    For Recalbox you can start with your NES theme which was your first theme on retropie !
    But I like your 2 themes so whatever you do, this will be great for me !

  • @substring I'm sorry... I'll wait for the updates.
    @ruckage my vote is for snes mini theme. I got a Odroid XU4 and now I'm dreaming about a N64 mini theme. I think Simply Austin is working in something... I'll wait for it too. :)

  • @ruckage my vote is for NES mini theme.


  • @ruckage Thank you! I also have been waiting for your themes to be compatible with recalbox, so reading your post is great news. Best of luck updating your themes for retropie and/or porting them to recalbox, I will refresh this thread every once in a while hoping for the best, I already have both nes mini and snes mini home screen bgm ready :)

  • Hello, sorry for my English since it is a Google translation. In the end, what happened to the nes mini theme for recalbox? Go ahead to the end?

  • @behemothcult Well it's been a very long time since this port has been announced, but I am doing nothing to help so I wouldn't dare complain about anything. I just hope Recalbox will get NES and SNES themes someday because they are awesome is all :)

  • Hello everyone, I just uploaded a port for SNES Mini theme (made by @ruckage) to Recalbox. If you're interested checkout at:

  • It should be noted that @allan-garcia's port is an unauthorized effort and explicitly goes against the original author's wishes. The theme's license clearly states that any changes are only allowed for private use. To thoughtfully accommodate Recalbox users, @ruckage announced above that he is developing an official port himself, that will likely be maintained in parallel. Mr. Garcia was politely informed of this and willfully chooses to ignore both ruckage, as well as the terms of the license.

    This may not seem like a big deal to some, but violations like this often discourage authors to continue work on a project and sometimes even drive them away from development in general. I hope this will not be the case here and I hope that Mr. Garcia will come to see the light on this issue. I think we all can agree that ruckage is a very talented and hard-working artist, as well as overall developer. It would be a shame to lose his presence in this community, as well as those like him.

  • @mediamogul @ruckage To prevent future whining about this matter I'm taking the repository offline. Best regards.

  • @mediamogul

    We support the wishes of ruckage.
    @allan-garcia even if it is well meant we have to respect that.
    I think we are all looking forward to the official port of this wonderful theme.
    no one is helped if there are now disputes or similar.
    @ruckage i hope your motivation has not dropped, keep up the good work.

  • @mediamogul
    Thanks for supporting me here, I appreciate it.

    Thanks or the reply, everyone here has been very friendly and I'm grateful for your patience and understanding.
    The port is still going ahead. My plan currently is to merge the nes/famicom/snes themes into one as it will be much easier to port and maintain 1 theme rather than 3. After that I can then keep both the retropie and recalbox versions updated simultaneously.

    Out of interest is it possible now to compile the recalbox version of ES on windows? I don't think it is (I did try myself a while back) but thought it was worth asking. If not I'll see about setting up a Linux machine to make working on the theme a little easier as it's not the best experience developing a theme solely on the pi itself.

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