PS4 Dual Shock Controller Not Working On 4.1 'unstable'

  • I downloaded and installed the unstable IMG file of recalbox 4.1 ...

    I was able to successfully pair my PS4 controller as recalbox displayed a message that it did, but immediately right after, the PS4 controller is not responsive at all.

    i assumed that PLAYER1 controller settings would provide some sort of list that included the PS4 controller but it did not have anything in the list other than 'DEFAULT'

    Is the bluetooth functionality on Recalbox 4.1 still unstable at the moment with PS4 controllers?

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    do you have mapping your controller in emulationstation Menu ? options gamepad ?

  • @tdelios every PS4 reported it worked just fine with 4.1. would you have a pad with a different firmware ? Can you go to http://recalbox/help and make a support archive and give usbthe link please ?

  • @acris @Substring

    Sorry I forgot to do that.. But I now noticed something that I need you guys to validate.

    Once the PS4 controller via Bluetooth, everything is working fine.

    But each time I reboot Recalbox, it does not pair up with the PS4 controller automatically and therefore I have to have a keyboard handy to redo the pairing and P1 controller settings to the PS4 controller over again.

    btw - the link that substring provided in his last comment gave a 404 page not found error.

  • @tdelios turn it on after ES loads, recalbox doesn't auto-reconnect to known BT devices (i don't know how to do that easily)

  • @Substring I don't understand what you mean by "turn it on after ES loads".

    Do you mean the PS4 controller? They are made to always be 'on'. I just need to activate the bluethooth pairing function (share+ps buttons) if I want to use it for any device.

    can you give a quick step by step instructions what you mean so that I can try out your suggestion.

  • @tdelios Turn on recalbox, wait until you see the loading screen of us, activate your pad. The pairing function is used only to pair to a device (and you can pair to only one device at a time ! Which means if it's paired to recalbox, it's not paired anymore to your PS4).

    What you MUSTN'T do is turn the pad on, then turn recalbox on

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