No video when launching game twice

  • Hello,

    I'm usually the guy that goes on google to find answers but it seems i'm the only one having this issue.
    Basically, for the NES, GB, MegaDrive and GBA emulator, i have to following problem:

    When i launch a game for the first time, everything works perfectly. No issue whatsoever.
    But once i close the game, if i launch any other title of the same console, i will get a black screen but still i will hear the game audio. If i reboot the box, i can play once again... For one game. I can hear the game running, but i have no video.

    I don't have this issue with Neo Geo, SNES, GW, scummvm.

    I tried enabling the safe_hdmi mode but it didn't change anything. I can try to mess around in the recalbox.config file, but i thought you might want to hear about this issue.
    This is to make a present for my elder brother, so i would love if somehow someone could point to me the solution. I tried googling very hard but found no answers.

    Anyways thanks for your awesome work on recalbox and thanks in advance for those who help!

  • @pachakamakk Hi,

    without telling your recalbox version, i can't be of much help ...

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    Global moderator

    Do you have roms on NAS ?

  • I have put the roms on the SD itself. I'm using recalbox OS 4.0.1 @substring

  • @pachakamakk this was solved with 4.0.2. Please upgrade

  • Thank you very much for this quick answer!

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