Removing All Games Causes Recalbox Not To Load

  • fresh install of 4.0.1 from GitHub.. updated to 4.0.2 when prompted.

    after reboot, I deleted all the rom games that came with the installation which in the past I have done many times.

    Rebooted the system and Recalbox doesn't load anymore, but can be connected on the backend via network.

    In the past, I was able to delete all the roms and the main screen not display anything. Now with the latest version, it doesn't load at all other than a black screen with the 4.0.2 on the bottom left of the screen.

    Once I loaded my roms into the appropriate folders and performed a hard reboot, recalbox came up fine.

  • @tdelios why would ES start if there are no roms ? 😉

  • @Substring It did before prior to the 4.0 release.. just an observation as I thought I broke something by deleting out of the box rom files that came with the installation.. ;0

  • @tdelios it creates the folder. But if the folder exists, it won't readd stuff inside

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