MAME for recalbox 4.0.2: black screens

  • Hello All,

    thanks first to the guys behind the RECALBOX project and the community supporting noobs like me 🙂

    i have gone through many tutorials but cannot fix the following issue: most of my downloaded ROMS do not work: launch the game, black screen and go back to main menu and game list.
    i think i have used the right rom set.

    thanks for reading and your support
    Best regards


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    Hello @sulsifsen

    i think i have used the right rom set.

    you think or you are sure ?
    verify your romset with clrmamepro, you need mame 0.78 romset.

  • Hello acris
    thanks for your feedback.

    with clrmamepro, I have the following results:

    • some wrong names
    • some unneeded files
    • some wrong folder names

    the files have been downloaded from the following file with 2349 .zip inside:

    let me know where I am wrong 🙂

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi all & acris
    i have completely renewed the MAME folderin recalbox with the reference set and most seem OK.
    Sorry for bothering the community for this.
    If someone has got the 0.78 game list and concording rom .zip full name, please send a link 🙂
    Cheers and a good easter end

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    No link on forum please read rules !

    your romset is good but you need to verify it, if somes roms are not complete, complete them.
    if you have scrap games, delete your gamelist.xml.

  • ok thanks and sorry for the irrelevent request on the link
    You cna close the topic - thanks a lot!

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