psx games black screen & go back to game list

  • . I got a 32GB SD Card, everything works perfect. Now I bought a 128GB Samsung SD Card, everything works perfect, too, except the psx emulator. game seems to load but returns to frontend after 5-7sec.
    i installed recalbox on the new sd card. Then, I copied the working folders roms, saves, bios from the 32gb SD Card to my computer and copied them back to the 128gb share folder.
    This way, I did not have to scrape games again. And as I said, everything except psx works perfect, even mame or neogeo which are quite difficult to run because you need the correct mame/rom version.

    The whole copying and copying back to the sd card took about 10-12 hours. So I don`t want to format my sd card again (by the way, it came with exfat, i formatted it to fat32).

    Has someone an idea what the cause of the problem could be?

    the bios, saves, roms folders of the two sd cards are identical and both run 4.0.1 version of recalbox, even the background music and controllers are the same 😉

    hope to hear from you soon. kind regards Neo

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