Multiple Xbox Wireless Controller with one receiver

  • Hi,

    I make it quick. Is it possible to use multiple Xbox 360 controller with one Xbox 360 receiver on the recalbox? At the moment, I have one original ps3 controller and one CSL controller working, but I want to switch to two Xbox 360 controllers, because I have two of the laying around here.

    So if I buy a receiver, can I use both or more controllers, just with one receiver? That would be awesome!

    Edit: I am using the latest stable version of recalbox.

  • Themer

    max 4 controllers

  • @azvarel do I have configure something or is it plug n play? Thank you for the answer!

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    In Manager you can set the amount of xbox 360 controls or recalbox.conf. Remembering maximum of 4.

  • Hey,

    Just wanted to tack onto this question. Similar issue, but with PS3 controller.

    I have a RPi3 with Recalbox and am trying to use multiple controllers. Currently I only have one logitech playstation 3 controller that has a USB dongle. Can I use multiple controllers to one bluetooth dongle? I do not have any open USB ports for more dongles....


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    @kdawg if your logitech controller came with one usb receiver, the controller is probably just a wireless controller and not a bluetooth controller. If so, it is mandatory to use it for that one controller to work. You can always attach a usb hub to expand the usb ports but usually hubs with external power supply work better.

  • Can you plug in two Xbox usb connectors and connect 8 controllers this way?

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