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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Video signal too wide on CRT using RGB-Pi

  • Hi!

    I have recalbox 4.0.3 standard version with HDMI, and 4.0.0 modified version for RGB-Pi on a CRT TV (that's the purpose of the cable).

    There are no problems with 4.0.3. So far so good. But the video signal of the 4.0.0 RGB-Pi version is too wide for the TV. I talked to the RGB-Pi creator and told me to enter service mode (Thomson TX807CS). Somehow I did it, and I managed to center image and resize height, but there is no option for the width. I'll try to contact with Thomson technical service in a few hours to ask them.
    Edited: I talked to technical service and told me that my TV has no width correction.

    Anyway, is there any option on recalbox/retroarch/ES in order to resize output video signal?


  • @boquetipo Hi
    Have you tried using overscan ?

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