Xbox 360 wireless controller crazy mapping in 4.1. Cant see the xbdrv option in config.

  • Hi! I was using the stable 4.0.2 version and then, changed to the unstable 4.1 via update. Since then my xbox 360 wirelles controller was completely desconfigurated, to move to left and right in the menu i need to press the L3 and R3 (the analog buttons) and the other buttons is all messed. Looked in the new config file and only see the PS3 controller option, not more the XBOX drive option. Is this the problem? Thanks for the support!

  • @hericstrada hi
    Using the search tool would have lead you to the orign of this problem : xboxdrv doesn't work anymore on a 4.1 (kernel incompatibility). Simply remap your pad inside ES

  • Thanks for the support @Substring! About the forum search engine, I'm first time in this forum, but I'm not lazy about using search engines, and searching for xboxdrv lead me to nowhere.

    Anyway, I'll do the remap, just wanted to know if it was an issue, since the Xbox 360 Wirelles pad is an out-of-box config in about any retro system these days.


  • @hericstrada we "should" upgrade the xbox360 pad config, but hta's some pretty annoying job ...

  • @Substring , thank you!

  • Hey Guys,
    I got also a problem with my Xbox 360 controlers.
    So if I leave everything like it is so: controllers.xboxdrv.enabled=0, but controllers are okay, but the XBox symbol (LED) is flashing and circling around all the time.
    if I change to controllers.xboxdrv.enabled=1, I got the Player1 correctly shown as "1" (LED), but the buttons are switched [A&B and X&Y]. The Player2, 3 and 4 are flashing again making circles and showing sometimes the correct player. THe funny thing is the buttons are not switches as for Player 1.
    Someone an idea why?

    Thanks a lot.

  • @karimi Are you at least running recalbox 4.1 ? The problem here is just for recalbox 4.1, it looks like you're not concerned. If you're still on 4.0, start your own topic please, don't dig out a solved subject

  • I was on 4.1 and updated to 4.2 but nothing better.

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