Can't find the NES30 Pro Gamepad via Bluetooth

  • Hey Guys,

    here is my problem. I've been trying to pair (or at least find) my NES30 Pro with Recalbox. Nothing. The only thing its showing is: "No controllers found".

    Here's my Setup:

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    NES30 Pro (Latest Firmware)
    Recalbox 4.0.2 (i also tested 4.0.1)
    No dongle, im using the internal Bluetooth (im trying to 😄 )

    What i did so far:

    I don't know if im doing something wrong or if it's just Buggy in General. I had to do all the Updates manually by typing ./ because the Update that i started in Recalbox (Desktop) would just show "working..." for 40 minutes. After i did that, i had to start the update again because ./recalbox-upgrade would not install the Upgrade, it would just download it. The last time that i was trying to install it, it downloaded the files and they disappeared after the download.

    Here's the output from "# hcitool scan
    "Device is not available: No such device

    I really dont know what to do/'s just frustrating.

    Thanks for reading, i really hope that youll be able to help.

  • @Eomer You're talking about a problem that is dealt in different ways between 4.0 and 4.1. Even though hcitool scan was used on 4.0 (using bluez4), this is not the case on 4.1 (bluez5).

    First of all, 4.0 doesn't handle the internal bluetooth ... you need 4.1 for that (which is now rather in a bugs hunt state)

    For bluez5, the best "state of the art" manual i found for manually pairing is

    Anyway, using recalbox 4.1 latest stable (have you read the otpic you linked ? this testing branch has been merged in the unstable), it can take a while before your pad gets detected, but in the end, it will.

  • @Substring
    Thank you. I have to admin that i'm a little embarrassed. I confused 4.0.1 and 4.1.

    So the only thing i can do (without buying a Bluetooth dongle) is to upgrade to the Nightly. Is that correct?

    You're talking about a stable Version. What im going to do now is to upgrade to 4.1 by changing the config to =unstable and then im going to use the one from the link. Am i missing something?


    Best regards,

  • @Eomer you're missing a big point : try this 4.1 on a different SD card, leave your 4.0.1 as it is. As it's in an unstable state, i can't recommend you mess around with your "100% scrapped functionnal roms bloated" SD 🙂

    by the way, is your pad updated to the recommended firmware version ? and do you turn it on the right way ?

  • @Substring
    Thanks for your help!

    I'm setting it up for the first time, so i won't lose anything by trying 🙂

    The NES30 Pro has to be turned on by using the "Power" only, correct?
    I didn't see which Firmware is recommended, im using the newest.

    Going to upgrade to 4.1 now.

  • @Eomer A good old RTFM is never a waste 😉

  • @Substring

    I did read it, that's why i was wondering about your question if i turned it on the right way 😛
    And also about the Firmware, because the one on the Manual is only the Minimum verison, not the recommended 😉

    Anyhow, Thank you for helping me out!

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