• Can someone explain ( a little tuto), please, how to save overlays for every rom separately in mame core, in order to initiate automaticaly with the previsously choosen one on the rom load?

  • Oh yeah damn i haven't written the wiki yet ...

    It's a little bit trick, I must admit. Out of my head and reading the code :

    • you need to add a few folders :
      • /recalbox/share/overlays
      • /recalbox/share/overlays/system (for ex: /recalbox/share/overlays/mame)
      • then inside that folder, a file with the exact name of the rom including the extension for example

    that file will point to another cfg file that references the overlay. I'll try to paste some examples this evening

  • @Substring, I have made all the steps for Final Fight in fba-libretto, but another problem arrised: when I got out of Final Fight and load another game, the same overlay apllied to this game and for every one that I load. The main problem is that I want to load games that belongs to the same core: it seems there are a conflict for roms inside the same core in this procedure, no matter the path you create.

  • @TheRealFox as i said, it's a per game basis (i should add a core fallback i guess ?)

    Regarding your problem, i'm surprised ... The overlay file should not be added for a different rom

  • @Substring, I aprecciate your help and think you gave the right tuto. Maybe it lack some procedure that you assume that I knew. Something I didn't make. I am almost a noob in these affairs. Can you put, please an exaustive example, including retroarch gui configuration, what I must set in config files, recalbox.conf, retroarchcustom.cfg. I mean, every preliminary thing I may need. I succeed in a config per core, but for rom it has been not easy for me :). Don't need to be hurry in more detailed tuto. I can wait your time. Grettings.

  • @TheRealFox Of course I'll do that. Just haven't had time since yesterday 😉 I'll do that asap and i'm sure it you'll succeed then 🙂

  • What you need :

    • create the overlays folder + sub directory with the same name of the system
    • add there your .png, a romname.cfg +

    So here is the basic info through an example

    • System : mame
    • Rom : double dragon (

    Folder : /recalbox/share/overlays/mame
    Files :

    • /recalbox/share/overlays/mame/ :
    input_overlay = /recalbox/share/overlays/mame/ddragon.cfg
    • /recalbox/share/overlays/mame/ddragon.cfg :
    overlays = 1
    overlay0_overlay = ddragon.png
    overlay0_full_screen = true
    overlay0_descs = 0

    So see the link : recalbox will look for overlays/<system>/<rom.extension>.cfg which itself refers to another .cfg (the file doesn't need to be named like the rom, up to you to customize the input_overlay parameter). Same goes for the overlay name

    these are the very minimum requirements. You can of course add some custom retroarch parameters to Most of times you'd force the viewports

  • Wow..I gonna try later night.......thanks!!!!!!!

  • @Substring, I have made all the steps and doesn't work. In another try I changed in the retroarch gui the overlay directory to /recalbox/share/overlays/fba_libretro.

  • @Substring I cannot put the latest version of Retroarch on recalbox?

  • @TheRealFox you could. I don't see why you would do that, you dot even k ow our compilation flags

  • @Substring, It is because I made this question about configuration per game on the official Retroarch fórum and someone say something about retroarch gui that interested me. He said: " In RetroArch, you would load up your game, go back into the menu and set up your desired overlay, then return to the quick menu and choose 'save game override' ". I noticed that the gui in retroarch 1.3.4 doesnt have this option in quick menu: save game overrride. I wondered if this option would save the overlay config by game.....

  • @Substring, recalbox team dont think about upgrade the retroarch version on recalbox?

  • @Substring. Do u have some tip for my failure? The steps that I did seems to be equal of your post. I have been frustated. Even yet I thanks your help.

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    in retroarch do you need option per game enable ?

  • Some facts :

    • recalbox 4.1 is using retroarch 1.4.0
    • what i suggested only works for recalbox 4.1
    • it is not recalbox philosophy to let users mess around with emulators configuration in order to achieve something particular. We try to "ease the pain" when users want a feature

  • @Substring, according to some posts that I saw around Internet, it is possible to make launch of individual overlays at the start up of retroarch 1.3.4, but u would have to change a file called But for me is not an easy task and I am not want to try it, due to the dificult. At least for me....

  • @Substring, I think config per game is a need of several members of the comunity in order to let saved configurations of multiple overlays for every arcade game you want to keep in this way. With the consoles the need is when multiple systems share the same core. When you choose an especific overlay for a core, others systems that share the same core get the same overlay. This is an annoying thing.

  • @TheRealFox i never said you can't, i said we ease the pain. Retropie would probably have some doc on that feature

  • This post is deleted!

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