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Subfolder in systems

  • Themer

    For my convenience of playing the games by regions, prototypes and even the fascinating homebrews, I created subfolders as you can see in the pictures.

    I created the subfolders
    (1) Licensed
    (2) Translated
    (3) Unlicensed - Homebrew
    (4) Pron

    as you can see

    Inside the subfolder (1) Licensed we can see other subfolders

    (1) US
    (2) Super Scope
    (3) Europe
    (4) Japan
    (5) Special Releases

    I chose (1) US and now it gives me the list of games

    I click the select button to enter option mode and choose jump to letter

    Choose the letter E and clicking the action button,

    it simply returns the screen in the "main snes" folder that contains:

    (1) Licensed
    (2) Translated
    (3) Unlicensed - Homebrew
    (4) Pron

    how to solve?

  • Banned

    @azvarel it is not solvable it is an old regression (from 3.3 beta 17 to 4.0 ) which has never been corrected and will likely stay so... There is an existing github bug for it

  • Themer

    @voljega I thought it was just me who used subfolders, glad that you post it before, we hope you correct this bug soon.

  • I'm using subfolders also for similar sorting like you, but I put "-" insteatd of "(number)" at the first position, so I see what is a folder and what not and make them appear at the top in the gamelist (I actaully have roms in the main directory and use subfolders for hacks, translations, japan, homebrew etc.). I'm also not happy that it returns to the main directory after quiting a game, but oh well, things could be worse, but I was wondering whether it would be possible to add folder icons before the folder names in ES, similar to the system icons in the "favourites" or maybe make the font color different or something, so that one can distinguish between game names and folder names?

  • Themer

    I find this throw of icons in folders unfeasible.

  • Banned

    @gmgman the font color is slightly different for folder no ? Slighty ligyter or darker than files ?

    I donkt think folders icons are on the dev list for now

  • @voljega are they? I didn't notice, or maybe I don't see it on my TV. Icons and proper subdirectory management in ES (when exiting a game, etc.) would be really handy, but I see why these are not a priority.

  • The search doesn't work with sub folders
    Never has.
    I found out the hard way when I had sub folders for the various types of ZX Spectrum file types.

  • Banned

    @gmgman said in Subfolder in systems:

    proper subdirectory management in ES (when exiting a game, etc.)

    that worked fine in 3.3 ....

  • @voljega really!? then it's a bummer it doesn't anymore.

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