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Doubts before installing version 4.1 unstable

  • Themer

    When installing the keyboard Microsoft 800 wireless will it work with your dongle?

    Will the 8bitdo snes30 controller be paired on the rpi3 bt?

    My xbox 360 controller already worked in the previous version (4.0.2), was it recognized in the version?

    I have a wiimote model first, it manages to pair?

    My wifi connection was setup, will a connection be maintained?

    If the controls do not work, have you been able to access the manager to configure the controller of xbox 360?

    Do I have an external hd plugged in the usb, to be recognized in the 4.1 update?

    These my doubts is just after the problem that gave in version 4.0.1 and when upgrading to the unstable version, this happened:

    @azvarel said in Problem when leaving a game and entering another game after upgrade:

    Let's go to my diagnosis, I had to disassemble my SNES all to be able to pick up the microsd - Ha Ha Ha Ha

    I downloaded version 4.0.1 straight from github and to my surprise, my keyboard did not recognize it until I made it work with my controls, changing the recalbox.conf directly in linux, but my HDD for some reason did not access the roms, the recalbox did not It enabled it just like that, luckily I got the entire 4.0 system backed up with my romset, gamelist and mix images that took a lot of work to get done.

    What I did was reinstall version 4.0 and believe me I am installing again via recalbox to 4.0.1 to see if it works right this time, if it behaves the same way, I will have to be able to keep 4.0 until they correct this problem.

    Ahh put the drivers on my keyboard back - a microsoft 800 wired

  • Then i'd recomment you have a look at and participate 🙂

    • the 8bitdo should work, but i'm currently asking community's feedback on an improvement i'm making to bluetooth
    • i don't see why your keyboard doesn't work. No idea if it's recognised as a generic keyboard or if it requires a specific driver
    • reconfigure your wifi, no reason it wouldn't work
    • i don't see what you mean regarding the manager and xbox360
    • same with your external hdd lol

    Keep in mind the 4.1 is in at the unstable stage, and is not meant for every day use yet. The best would be that you try on a spare SD. You can easily start with a clean 4.1 on

  • From your first point that is working of wireless keyboard with dongle. Do you want to attach dongle with microsoft keyborad 800? If yes, then you need to read article "Pair my wireless Microsoft Keyboard to different device" given in Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 Manual for clear information.

  • Themer

    @juhapik Thanks for the attention, but it always worked and this questioning was before installing the first unstable version made available through update 4.0.1, these doubts were resolved 2 months ago

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