32X doesn´t work after upgrade

  • I upgraded yesterday my Recalbox RPI3 set to latest stable version. Now, 32X emulator doesn´t work. Black screen when trying to launch any game (some of them already tested and working with previous version).


    • Recalbox version: 4.0.1
    • Emulator/Core: Default (trying using LIBRETRO/PICODRIVE with same results)
    • Kernel version: Linux RECALBOX 4.1.19-v7 #1 SMP Wed Jan 25 14:52:49 UTC 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

  • @jsianes black screen then back to ES ? or frozen on the black screen ?
    No emulator had any update, so this is confusing ...

  • @Substring frozen in black screen and if you press hotkey and start back to ES.

  • Trying another romset, it works. But 'faulty' rooms worked great with 4.0.0 version. So, this should be any kind of incompatibility with the last emu version.

    Edit: The blackscreen issue is reproducible also playing 32X games. Just try to play two times Virtua Racing Deluxe. The first time works and the second doesn't.

  • Issue resolved. It seems a video configuration issue in recalbox.conf after upgrading. Details here.

    Everything sorted out. You can mark this thread as resolved.

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