Amiga uae4arm einbinden (Steuerung)

  • Hallo zusammen,
    ich bekomme den Amiga einfach nicht aus meinem Kopf, das war das System meiner Jugend.
    Vermutlich werde ich mich noch mit anderen Projekten wie z.B. amibian beschäftigen,
    ich hatte gestern jedoch eine Anleitung gefunden, wie sich uae4arm in Recalbox integrieren lässt:

    Das hat soweit auch funktioniert (habe Recalbox Build 9085154 verwendet). Mit Hilfe einer Tastatur lassen sich Spiele starten,
    leider reagiert die Steuerung nicht. Habe die UAE Einstellungen so gelassen wie voreingestellt
    und nur bei Input versucht die Tasten meines Gamepads (Buffalo USB) zu konfigurieren.
    Ohne Erfolg.

    Ist da schon jemand weiter und könnte mir Hilfestellung geben?

    Ansonsten bin ich überwältigt und positiv überrascht wie fantastisch alles auf einem 55 Zoll Bildschirm aussieht.

    Beste Grüße

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    @hubi Hallo, leide can ich niche mehr Deustch gut genug sprechen, um dich im Deutsch zu antworten.

    So I'll speak in english hope you understand it.

    First I hope your joystick works fine with other emulators ?

    Launch a game, then go into configuration UI by pressing 'F12', then go into the 'Input' submenu.

    In the second box, choose another joystick (excepting first choice) and hit resume, do that for every entry on the list starting from the second one; you should find one that work. then note the index of the joystick in the list, knowing that the first one is -1, the second one 0, the third one 1 and so on.

    Then go into the /emulateurs directory where I made you install my scripts.
    In standard_forceratio.uae change the ligne "joyportname1=JOY1" to something that use your index if it is 3 use joyportname1=JOY3 and then regenerate your uae
    Also in change the line echo "joyportname1=JOY1" >> raw.uae to one using also your index.

    Alternatively if it doesn't work you can try directly to modify your .uae for whdload games by modifying the line "joyportname1=JOY1" using every index from 0 to much higher and then launch the games and see if it works.

    one good game to try is Tubular Worlds AGA in whdload
    if you're using ADF the first Rick Dangerous is a good test

  • voljega, thank you for reply!
    My school english is unfortunately totally bad but I try to answer.

    Yes, my controller works fine with the other systems.
    I have followed your instructions. Unfortunately, they don´t work for me.
    I tested Turrican 2. The best result I've got is at this moment:
    The first screen with trainer and so on, can confirm with controller button A.
    But no commands from the controller are accepted in the main menu. With the enter key on the keyboard I start the game. To control (up, down, right, left) I use the arrow keys on the keyboard.
    I can not fire with any key except with space an effect.

    That´s my Gamepad:

    If you have any Idea, it would be great 🙂

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    @hubi for the menu you need a mouse, connect a standard one, it should work. (even one with a dongle)
    Alternatively you can use in the menu up/down on keyboard then right to go inside Input submenu, down again and enter.
    TAB may also work to navigate between some entry

    Do you use a WHD game or a ADF game?

    I need you to tell me what you see in that combo box (F12 then click on Input with the joystick icon) :

    You should see something relating to your pad it may be just Gamepad USB or USB gamepad, try to select that and then click on resume on the bottom right, do not change anything else.
    if it doesn't work, try any other below none or dPad as Joystick

  • Thank you.
    I've always used it with tab only. Now with Mouse the pad works. Yeah!
    However, I can not save the configuration. After each game start I have manually to set port 1 again.
    So far I only tried ADF games.
    Mortal Kombat 2 works (long load time)
    Superfrog does not work (comes only a bright screen)
    Turrican does not start
    Turrican 2 works
    Turrican 3 does not work (only the startup screen appears)
    Wonderboy in Monsterland works (I do not know how I get up the hill ...)

    Turrican 2 was in any case just times great fun! 🙂

    Combo box:
    alt text

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    @hubi can you show me with the Port1 list fully opened ?

  • Port 1
    link text

    I also could use PS3 Controller. Currently not connected.

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    @hubi OK well I thought that it would work with those controllers...

    ok do the following :

    • exit emulator
    • edit and modify echo "joyportname1=JOY1" >> raw.uae with echo "joyportname1=JOY0" >> raw.uae
    • restart, go into input menu and check if your controller is rightly selected by default
    • check if it's working in game

    if it's not working, restart the preceding procedure and replace JOY0 by JOY2 then JOY3 ... up to 6/7 until it works.

  • Ich habe es soweit alles hinbekommen, nur stört mich, dass es im Theme keine Daten über den Amiga gibt. Dort steht lediglich "Work in progress". Hat jemand eventuell eine aktualisierte Custom.xml für beide Amiga Systeme?

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    @korni the eudora themes which you can find in the recalbox-themes github repository have themes for amiga.

    Also I did many cprrections in amiga4recalbox those two last weeks so for those who have a version before that it's vetter to redownload and reinstall it

  • @voljega Thank you for your reply! 🙂 I like the theme. I only need the "information data" about the system. Itś only the text that i want to replace with "work in progress" in the custom.xml.

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    @korni look at the svg if i'm not mistaken I think this text is an image.

    If it's not enough, compare with other systems to see what's different

  • The svg contains only the logo. The text for every system is in the custom.xml. For example here:

    I need only the script that contains the data of amiga. For example the release date and so on...

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    @korni yeah well I don't think any of us has this data for now but you may find those infos in a simplelight or zoid theme for retropie ?

  • Thank you! I look for this immediately.

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    @korni please, make a PR once you gathered that info to add it by default.

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