Stuck inside the game, cannot leave because of select doesnt works

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    Hi I'm at recalbox last version, raspberry pi3
    controler are xbox 360 wireless and a mayflash v2 arcade version which is recognized as xbox 360 pad.
    My issue is I cannot leave the game anymore, keyboard doesnt respond too and we dont have kind of ctrl alt del on linux so I must pull the cable in order to quit game.
    I already kind of configured my pad at emulation station and was barely recognized but last 2 buttons not but start and select were.
    Can you please help me, Im a java dev more than 15 years I'm not a newbie on IT but stuff like these still makes me sick and losing my night of sleep and no enjoy at all my raspberry pie. I'm almost upset about that because its 2pm and not still could play anything with my wife.

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    Have you modify your recalbox.conf file to enable xboxdrv and disable ps3?


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    @DjLeChuck Yes, i discovered that yesterday at 3pm.
    I'm stuck now at different issues:
    Now after formatting the rasp and installing the recalbox I have the same recurring problem with button mapping in my arcade control!
    It even works in the games but that's not what I want! I want to change the order of the buttons that is very bad every time I enter the quick menu of retroarch and change one of the buttons in the settings menu> input> Input user 1 binds if I change the B or the A for something more comfortable in my games I I can not leave or save this setting anymore.

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