Recalbox 7.0

Some MAME Games Have Crackling/Static In Audio

  • Hi all.

    I think this issue has to do with the audio sampling rate, but I can't for the life of me figure out where to change it for MAME (using default/deault settings for core and emulator).

    When playing games, mainly the Capcom ones like Marvel Vs and Darkstalkers, and even on Mortal Kombat, I noticed that while the game play is smooth, the audio gets staticky and crackles here and there.

    I delved into the depths of google and came up with what I suspected, which is it seems related to the audio sampling settings. From all I can tell it LOOKs like the audio is defaulted to 48khz if I am not mistaken, but it may need to be kicked down to 40 or 44 for these games.

    I can't figure out where to set it though,. When digging through config files I only saw one entry somewhere randomly for audio sampling but it wasn't related to MAME.

    Any clue as to what config file and where in it and what line to use to specify the desired sample rate, or another/better fix for the audio issue?

    Edit: a bit more digging shows that the main file to hit up is retroarch.cfg . I edited the default audio sampling rate to 441000 and the ms delay to 256 and that seems to have largely cleared up the static. Maybe noticing a tiny bit here and there.

    So other questions now, is that the only place to consider changing? What about the auto generated mame settings in the core files where it's always set to 48000? Where does that come from?

    Also is there anything pertinent to change as far as the audio driver goes in the retroarch config file? There are options like alsa, sdl, etc. Not sure if it's worth changing and if so then to what?

    Additionally, is there a trick to getting surround sound enabled? I have stereo (2.1 really with the sub) but it would be nice to get that center channel at least, if not the surround. Always sounds so much nicer.

    Appreciate any feedback.

    Getting the hang of things, just need some additional guidance.

  • Another observation; static in audio with SNES games.
    It's like it throttles down randomly and then stutters and then is fine for another 30 seconds and then starts again.

    Any hints/tips?

  • Well, looks like I solved it myself.

    I believe it was largely due to inadequate power. Purchased a USB power brick with the certified ratings for the pi 3 b+ and it's a world of a difference.

    Must have been throttling before.

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