Recalbox 7.0

System delete files when reboot

  • Hi there
    I have a problem and i don't know if anyone have the same
    I have this
    And i try this
    My hardware is a RPi3 b, works perfectly, but has a big but !!!!!!
    If you see the tutorial we have to place the fbcp in /usr/bin.... so i do that and other procedures every test going very ok the display show the emulationstation gui and every thing,......... but <---- this is annoying very much....

    When i reboot!!!!!!!!


    the screen going white...... but this is not the end.... there is much more ...

    the system or other thing remove the fbcp placed on the /usr/bin
    and the script S11fbcp placed on the /etc/init.d is removed too
    and what ever thing i do after this don't work any more

    so i have to reflash the sdcard and try again

    So my question is simple !!
    is there any boot script that replace the system files ?????

    i am using the last recalboxOs

    is there anyone try and have this problem?

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    I think you should read and adapt it to your 2.2" tft screen and replace




  • @ian57 I did that but this is not my problem both works with my display my problem is when i reboot all files and scripts i make are deleted from the folders
    the display not work after reboot i hav to do all the procedures again to get to work again

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    @farwrc that is magic no? You switch the filesystems to RW, write the files... and after a reboot they disapear? that's it ? Sounds very strange to me.. like you miss something no...

  • @ian57 yes is that, are you kidding me? Or are you tending to help? I'm telling you the truth, I'm very new in linux and I only do what I see here and on the wiki so I'd like you to help me because I see in the forum that you help a lot and seem to understand well, so I wonder if this only happens to me Or if you need more information so that I can learn and help other people here and enjoy my creation, I want to use the recalbox in my project because I think the retropie is very little evolved and there are many more problems than with the recalbox with This one I'm only with this problem so if you can help me and do not fool me, I appreciate it a lot !! Sorry if I offended you in any way or my ignorance is funny i just try to make something cool for my kids

  • @farwrc I'm using winscp and putty if that information helps with the diagnostics

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    @farwrc so please discribe here all the linux commands made and the results. perhaps there is somethings that you did wrong. So put all the code between "" and "" to make it clearer :

    #like that
    like this

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