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Folder name alternatives?

  • I'm new to Recalbox and thus far, enjoying it, especially over Retropie, however I am running into some oddities and trying to wrap my head around the differences in ROM management.

    In Retropie, there was an Arcade folder where I can toss my MAME 0.78 compatible roms into and have it play them accordingly . With Recalbox there is just the FBA and MAME folders. I created an Arcade folder in the ROMS directory, copied some ROMS over and tried to get it to pick them up, but to no avail.

    The reason I am trying this is because it seems that Retropie used a slightly updated version of a MAME emulator that seemed to work much better for the rom set vs Recalbox. Recalbox only gives me the options for libretro and either imame4all or the other mame option (using the 4.0 release).

    Trying to read through the guides and FAQs make it seem like there are supposed to be an array of emulator options but it's not clear at all to me on what is really available and how to basically get it to give me the option of using the other mame emulators...or if I can install others and use those or...?

    Appreciate any help here. I have my other systems running just fine (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.), and I have a handful of MAME roms I'd like to get running for myself and the kiddos to play.

  • Hi dear switcher

    Let's say we made things in a different manner, so you should learn 🙂
    There are 3 arcade-related roms folders : fba, fba_libretro, mame. Each folder has its dedicated emulator and romset.

    So drop your mame078 romset in mame, your fba romset in fba_libretro and that's all 🙂 Adding an arcade folder won't do as ES won't parse it

  • Banned

    why didn't you just try to put your mame roms in the mame folder ?

  • @voljega I did initially, but ran into some issues. The one plus with Retropie was being able to force one of a dozen emulators for a specific game.

    But I digress.

    I found my reference set for the 078 roms and copied them back over to the MAME folder overwriting the ones I had generated from clear mame and it works much better now.

    I do notice on some games the sound is staticy though with MAME. Not sure why that is yet.

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