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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Cheapest possible Recalbox with RPI 3

  • Hi there, yeah, I am considereing different budget projects and I think I have a strategy to trick the parents into buying all salami tactic style. But it is well worth the experience and the money.

    I consider them buying either a PiZero or a RPi3, and I will explain them the basics (as well as the differences between the two) beforehand. Then I will make sure, that we are going to build a system on the basis of kano. We are going to add everything that we see fit or appropiate. So the system gets larger and larger but only with meaningfull parts.

    We may add a screen, if desired or a small audio output system. The parents will receive the costs beforehand but they can decide what their children need and what they already have at home. If someone doesn´t want to by a screen for 30-40 €, the child may also attach the rpi to one of our screens at school. There is an adapter issue there, but we can also ssh into it, so no problem there.

    Some may want to build a spycam or sensors or an internet radio. The Recalbox is my giveaway at the end of the year. We will also talk about copyright there, so that they know what to expect and what not.

    At topic there:
    I bought a five inch screen with touch, and I know that it doesn´t work with recalbox, but I am using raspbian too and I thought it would be nice to have as an addition. I have managed to alter the config.txt via putty and I also changed the recalbox.conf via the web interface. However I do have an issue with N64 games, wich is only minor, but there. I have also read a thread for that specific display which can be found here in the forum, but the Thread Starter doesn´t seem to use n64, so the issue is not explained there. I think it has to do with the native solution though. So here is my display:

    By the way it is ok. You can´t do anything wront here. The nativ resolution is said to be:
    hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

    This is the tutorial I followed:
    Works like a charm, except for N64 games.

    I wrote this in the recalbox.conf:

    #n64.videomode=DMT 4 HDMI

    This results in the following: N64 games start in 4:3 but there is an edge right of the display where it isn´t used. It just stays blank. Altering the conf results in N64 games not starting at all or the screen turning white. I tried different DMT Modes except, resulting in either crashing or having weird formats where some parts are missing.
    Is this due to the native resolution of n64 games and is there a solution to this? It is not a big issue though I could live trough this.

  • @Seramis N64 is 4:3 whereas your screen is 800/480 => 5:3 so yes, black borders on the side (which should anyway happen with any emulator)

    Have you set global.videomode=default AND n64.videomode=default in your recalbox.conf ?

  • @Substring I did. I thought about such a thing. Then it is ok I guess.

  • Ok here is another thing I need a display capable of displaying 1024768 or higher. It should be cheap. Unfortunately there are only 1024600 devices out there. Touch would be nice but is not Obligatory.

  • Ok then, my Pizero has arrived and Kano works like a charm. I have just tested my recalbox build but the software doesn´t start. It hangs on the boot screen forever. So I started fresh and got myself the image from Github, erased my sd card with the formater and placed everything inside. However the Pizero still hangs at the bootscreen.

    If I put the very same imgae in my pi3 it works. What´s wrong?

  • @Seramis Solved it myself. The issue was soley usb port related. The Pizero doesn not seem to like two devices capable of giving power output. I have used a china hub without energy and it works well. Curious thing though.

  • @Seramis Ok this is weird. Recalbox only starts when a keyboard is enabled, even though I have a Bluetooth Controller working that fits perfectly for controlling the overlay. No Keyboard, no Recalbox on Pizero. Any ideas?

  • @Seramis Damned, I am stupid... I downloaded the beta instead of the stable Github Version. Guess this must be it.

  • you're running into weird problems lol

  • The weird problem came from not enough current. I switched the power source and then everything went fine. Though the Pizero is highly not recommended for any Recalbox project. The menu is very, sluggish if the output is an average Hdmi monitor with 720p. The pizero should only be used for handheld tft displays with lower resolutions. Then it works fine. I think I will do a Gameboy Hack, if I find one. Or maybe use an old nes controller.

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