• hi all,i was trying to use shaders in recalbox but i just couldnt make it work,i got a complete pack of shader from my retropie backup and just located this files in recalbox/shader directory then i enable the option in retroarchcuston.cfg and nathing...put a line with shader directory in .cfg and also nathing... so if anyone is using it and could help me to get it working plz do ...

  • Hi, I can help you. I have implemented a shader solution within version 3.2.9. I am not at home now, I will update you with more informations this evening. Regards Heinz

  • ok thx !!! u think it will also work on 3.2.11?

  • I have attached my solution. It should work wtih 3.2.11, but I advice to backup first before replace it with my files. 1. extract zip file and scp and replace the provided files on your recalbox installation. in /recalbox/share/shader/ you should then have the shader files. (I haven't converted all RetropieShaders yet, more will come later) 2. verify that and is executable. If not execute 'chmod +x <filename>' 3. Copy SHADER Section from recalbox.conf.template to your recalbox When you now execute gb emulator you should now have the green-dot.glslp shader loaded. Each retroarch/libretro core can have loaded his own shader preset file. I have enabled shaders in globally. It first looks if a presetfile is defined within recalbox.conf. If not it loads a predefinded default.glslp from _presets folder. Regards Heinz Edit: File was to big. Download it from here:

  • cant find shader section to copy from in recalbox.conf.template just saw Kodi,Wifi,Audio,Xbox controller, GPIO controllers, language and keyboard, updates, Games resolution and emulators choice,another question how can i set it to work with all emulators ? and on retropie i could navigate while playing changing shader pressing m-n on keyboard is that possible on recalbox ?

  • ups, this was an copy&past error. I wouldn't copy my recalbox.conf and I added the wrong file into the zip. add this to your recalbox.conf at the end:

    # ------------ S - SHADERS ----------- #
    ##Sample: <emu>_shader=<presetfile>.glslp

    It's generally activated on all retroarch/libretro emus within In /recalbox/scripts/ I have enable_shader="$essetting get EnableShader" enable_shader=„true" you need to delete this line with (enable_shader=„true") as soon as the optionssetting via emulationstation is ready. The logic for loading the shaders is now like this: - First it looks if shaders are enabled. - Second it look if a shader for this emulator in recalbox.conf is configured -> shaders/<emulator>/<file>.glslp - Third it looks in shaders/_presets/ if there is a <emulator>_default.glslp - Last but not least it will load when nothing is there default.glslp in shaders/_presets - When Shaders are desibled I do set the video_shader_dir, so the user has the ability to activate the shader via RGUI.

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